NCRC Classic 2021 Updated Q&A

We’ve received many questions about this year’s NCRC Classic so we’d like to let you know what is going on and where we are in the planning process.

Is there an in-person race this year?

Yes, but only the 10km. We are doing our best to organize an in-person race this year. We were unable to secure a permit from Umstead State Park because of state-wide gathering limitations so we are going to design a new course that is entirely on Cary greenways. The Town of Cary is reviewing our request. We are hopeful because races with similar protocols have received approval. We should know with certainty before the end of April.

What COVID-19 precautions are in place?

We are going to do a wave start this year to keep the number of people in the start area within state requirements. We request that you wear a mask until you start the race. We also request that you maintain distance between yourself and other runners while waiting to start. Aid stations will be self serve, grabbing a cup or bottle as you pass and volunteers will remain behind the tables. There will be refreshments at the finish but no awards ceremony. Awards can be picked up at Omega Sports North Hills.

What happened to Half Marathon registration?

We decided to remove the Half Marathon race this year because most of the course is in Umstead Park, which is off-limits for this year.

What if I already registered for the half marathon?

Once the Town of Cary review process is complete and we are clear to hold the 10km race, we will issue a race credit for the price difference on RaceReach, which can be used for any North Carolina Roadrunner’s Club event.

How will waves work?

We added two additional questions to registration for your predicted time and any friends you’re running with. The first wave will include the fastest predicted men’s and women’s finishes (those of you who are competing for overall place). Waves will be filled according to the date you registered. (Earlier registration = earlier wave). If you indicated on your registration that you are running with a friend, we will ensure you can start together.

What if I wasn’t asked for a predicted finish time?

If you registered before April 2021, we weren’t asking for this information, please fill out this form with your finish time and friends you’d like to start with.

What is the new 10km course?

We are looking at certifying an out and back course from last year’s start location at 3000 Weston Blvd along Black Creek Greenway to the new Crabtree Creek Greenway towards Evans rd. There will be three aid stations, at approximately mile 1.3, 3.5 and 5.5. (Some maps show Crabtree Creek Greenway as Hatcher Creek Greenway.)

Can I transfer my entry or defer to next year?

Yes and Yes. North Carolina Roadrunners Club will always perform free transfers. It’s important for us to have the correct gender and age for scoring as well as emergency contact information for every runner. Email or have the transfer runner bring a photo of your ID when picking up their packet. If you would like to defer, we can provide race credit which can be used for ATT 10-Miler this Fall, Run for the Roses or NCRC Classic 2022.

Can I still volunteer?

Of course! We love our valuable volunteers! The race registration page includes a link for registering to volunteer. NCRC members will get volunteer points for volunteering at the NCRC Classic.

What is the last day to register and receive a race shirt?

May 9th is the last day to register and still be able to receive the coveted NCRC Classic race shirt. See the registration form for shirt options.

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